Why Construction?

The Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan (CWDA) was formed by three trade organizations that want to encourage talented young people to put their minds and hands to work in the growing, exciting and rewarding field of construction.



Because there aren’t nearly enough young people coming in to replace the retiring.
Because the construction employment rate is higher than it’s been in years.
Because unlike just about every other job in America today, building West Michigan homes, hotels, high schools and hospitals can’t be outsourced to other countries.


The Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan (CWDA) was created by the Associated Builders and Contractors Western Michigan Chapter (ABCWM), American Subcontractors Association of Michigan (ASAM), and Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids (HBAGGR).

That’s a lot of initials for a pretty simple goal: We want to present the construction industry as a smart career option for the next generation (and the generation after that, and after that...). 

Come join us. Help us empower up-and-coming industry professionals create the places and spaces West Michigan will exist for others to live and work and play in for generations to come. To get involved with the CWDA, contact us here.


Advisory Board Members

Norm Brady
ABC Western Michigan Chapter

Steve Coates
Welch Tile & Marble Company

Mac Dodds
West MI Works!

Krista Harmon
Kent ISD

Amy Lebednick
West MI Works!

Brett Lesiewicz
Elzinga Volkers Construction

Scott Mattson
Grand Rapids Community College- Tassell M-TEC

Julie Parks
Grand Rapids Community College- Tassell M-TEC

Amy Pierce-Danders
ABC Western Michigan Chapter

Carrie Osborn
Pleune Service Company

Jessica Nachbar
Standard Lumber & Supply

Jen Schottke
ABC Western Michigan Chapter

Chelsie Wyse
Pretty Little Bow