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The gap in skilled construction workers is projected to grow each year over the next decade. The only way to ensure the success of the industry’s future is to inspire young people to pursue careers in construction. With MiCareerQuest – you can be a part of that inspiration!

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Construction Alliance Rally

Join your construction industry peers as we celebrate the industry and raise funds to close the skills gap and attract the next generation of construction professionals!

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We believe in building people through the merit shop philosophy: that projects and personal advancement should be awarded based on performance, skill, and achievement. As a respected nation association, we’ve been setting the standard for safety, quality, and integrity in the construction industry since 1950. And we’re not about to stop now.

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Careers in Construction Month

The West Michigan construction industry offers you a lifetime of exciting career opportunities. As your experience and knowledge grows, so will your possibilities for advancement – whether you want to supervise a project or a crew, or even start your own company.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Not everyone can work in construction. Only the elite are smart with their hands AND their minds. Construction careers are one of the only careers where you can climb to the top of the Career Tree® through work experience, trade training, college, or a combination of the three. If you are one of the elite, come join us.