Make a Great Living Making Great Places.

Why construction?

Because there aren’t nearly enough young people coming in to replace retiring tradespeople.
Because the construction employment rate is higher than it’s been in years.
Because, unlike just about every other job in America today, building West Michigan homes, hotels, high schools and hospitals can’t be outsourced to other countries.

The pay is good, right from the start. The day is never dull (plus, you can spend it outdoors, if that’s your thing). Best of all, the sky’s the limit on your career – move up the ladder at a firm or strike out on your own.

Come join us and help create the places and spaces West Michigan will exist for others to live and work and play in for generations to come.

Construction Facts

  • 185,500 Michigan residents were employed in skilled construction trades in 2013.
  • Online construction job postings in Michigan grew 28% from February 2013 to February 2014.
  • Michigan will create nearly 6,000 new construction job openings each year through 2020.
  • The median wage for a Michigan construction job is $21/hour, compared to $16/hour for all other occupations.